#21 Create a miniature book

Not only is this one of the most creative and engaging ideas I’ve seen online recently, it’s also one of the cutest.

The British Library is calling on the nation’s children to write their own tiny tales, which will form part of an online “National Library of Miniature Books for the toy world”.

I’ve written about the joys of publishing and bookmaking before, but I love this new miniature book challenge from The British Library. It’s perfect for encouraging Writing for Pleasure at home or in school!

Tiny book
Axel Scheffler’s mini book for the British Library project. Photograph: British Library

Originally designed to help children learn by reading to their dolls, these teeny tiny books are now part of the BL’s Infant’s Library. The series starts with the alphabet and ends with books about animals, flowers, birds, games, outdoor scenes, objects and a (very!) Short History of England.

Right now, people all over the country are having a go at creating their own miniature stories and you can even browse a collection of mini books created by Jacqueline Wilson, Axel Scheffler, Philip Ardagh, Katherine Rundell, Viviane Schwarz and Jane Porter and get tips for writing your own mini book from author, S F Said here.

My favourite is this little ray of sunshine from Jane Porter:

The Sunshine Cupboard by Jane Porter

Visit the British Library website, where you’ll find this excellent guide for making your own miniature books! Perhaps your children might even have a few teddies and dolls who they could read their stories to? Why not share the pleasure of reading aloud too?

Happy Writing!

Miss P x

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