#17 Easter Egg Treasure Hunt!

Hooray! It’s Easter Weekend – the perfect time to have fun with the whole family! There are lots of things you can do to bring a little magic into your Easter at home and an egg-citing (sorry!) treasure hunt is the perfect way to extend the fun!

Today’s writing task is to have fun with words by creating an Easter Egg hunt for your family! Seek out those hidden eggs and snoop around for the ultimate Easter jackpot: a basket full of chocolatety-treats… There are three options today – easy, medium and challenge – so you can take your pick at which type of word-play you’d like to have a go at today!

I found some brilliant Egg-shaped templates to write your clues on too:



Write a clue for each egg. This is easy to set up as you simply read each clue aloud to the ‘seekers’ and then it’s a race to find the egg! For example:

  • This egg loves the colour yellow (hidden among yellow flowers)
  • This egg is fast asleep (hidden in a bed)
  • This egg likes to keep clean (in the bath tub or shower)
  • This egg loves Netflix (by the TV or by the remote control)
  • This egg is super cool (hiding in the fridge)


Think of a place to hide your egg. For example ‘in the cupboard’. Then rearrange the letters like this ‘ni eth doapbcur’. With this type of clue, the seekers will need to unravel the letters and put them back together in a different order to solve the mystery. Once they have found the words, they will know exactly where to find the hidden egg! You can use the Easter egg template to write your clues.


This Easter Egg hunt is a little trickier as it involves creating a trail of hidden clues with a prize or egg at the end! It also involves rhyming!

Start by listing all the places your clues will be hidden. Numbering them may also help for when you set them out as one clue will lead to the next. Try not to have clues too close together so always aim for a different part of the house or garden so your seekers have to keep moving. For example:

  1. Front Door
  2. Washing Machine
  3. Dining room chair
  4. Car
  5. Behind the living room curtains
  6. Downstairs toilet
  7. Garden by the flowers
  8. In the bath!
  9. Bookshelf
  10. In Mum and Dad’s bed!!

Once you’ve thought of all of your BRILLIANT hiding places, you will need make up some short, snappy, fun little rhymes to act as your treasure hunt clues. First of all, look at where you want to hide the next clue. Let’s take no.1 as an example – by the front door. Next, think of as many words as you can that rhyme with door and write a list of rhyming words to help you (if you need help thinking of rhyming words try using a rhyming dictionary such as www.rhymer.com). Finally, play around with the words and make up a little rhyme, 2-4 short lines is plenty! Jot your ideas down in your notebook or on some rough paper. You might want to make it even harder for your seekers by not revealing the end of the rhyme so they have to work it out for themselves! See my two examples for my ‘front door’ clue below:

Once you’re happy with all of your rhyming clues, use the Easter Egg Templates to neatly write out your final clues. The tricky part is hiding all of your clues in the right places. This is where the numbering system comes in handy so remember to number your egg-shaped clues as well!

When hiding all of your clues, remember to hold onto clue no. 1 as they’ll need this to start the treasure hunt. If Clue 1 leads to the door, Clue 2 must be hidden by the door. If Clue 2 leads to the Washing machine, Clue 3 must be near the washing machine and so on… The final clue should, of course, lead to the chocolate eggs and treats. The perfect reward!

Share and Connect!

We’d love to see your AMAZING Easter egg clues on social media using the hashtag #LiteracywithMissP – you can find me on Facebook and Twitter (always seek parental permission before sharing!).

Happy Hunting!

Miss P x

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