#16 Easter Recipe Writing!

Easter Weekend is certainly looking a little different this year. We might not be able to go out and visit friends and family, but we can certainly make the most of staying safe at home. One way to do that is to have some fun in the kitchen! My favourite Easter activity as a child was always making Easter Nests with my mum. So, as a special treat for Good Friday, here’s my delicious (and very easy) Easter Nests recipe for you to try at home!

Easter Competition!

Over the Easter Weekend, I’ve decided to host a ‘virtual Bake Off’! Who, I wonder, can follow my recipe and create the BEST Easter Nests at home? Once you have followed my recipe and made your Easter Nests, share a photo on social media (you can find me on Facebook and Twitter) using the hashtag #literacywithmissp and I will announce the winner on Easter Monday at 5pm!

Good luck and Happy Easter!

Miss P x

Easy Easter Nests

(Makes six good sized nests)

  • 150g milk chocolate
  • About 4 Shredded Wheat, crumbled
  • 24 mini chocolate eggs (100g bag was just right, with a few left over to munch on as you make)
  • Fluffy yellow chicks, to decorate (optional)


1. Break your chocolate into pieces put them all in a bowl, over a pan of water on a low heat. Stir regularly until all of the lumps of chocolate have melted. Take off the heat and set aside to cool for a few minutes.

2. Stir about a third of the Shredded Wheat into the melted chocolate and mix really well.

3. Continue adding the last Shredded Wheat a little at a time, mixing after each addition. Stop adding if it looks like there is not enough chocolate to cover any more.

4. Spoon six equal dollops of the mixture onto some grease proof paper. Make a small dent in the middle with your fingertip and press 4 eggs in whilst the mixture is still wet.

5. Put the tray in the fridge for a few hours or ideally overnight and, when ready to serve, sit your cute little chicks on top the nests.



Following recipes yourself is a great way to get used to the language and layout used – such as headings, bullet points, bossy verbs and numbered bullets. Once you’ve had a go at following my recipe, you could try a number of writing activities:

  • Option 1 – Write your own Easter recipe to send to family and friends! I’m sure you know someone who would be keen to have a go at following your own very special recipe!
  • Option 2 – You could write a recipe for your family to follow during an ‘Easter Bake Off’ – who can follow your recipe the most carefully to complete the challenge?
  • Option 3 – You could even film yourself making a special Easter treat. Give the step-by-step instructions verbally, just like Jamie Oliver!
Could you create your own recipe video for family and friends?

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