Teachers’ Reading for Pleasure ‘Book Clubs’

To teach reading and writing effectively and enthusiastically, we must be keen readers and writers ourselves. With this in mind, I was looking for opportunities to develop myself as a reader and, through twitter, I stumbled upon the Open University and UKLA Teachers’ Reading Groups.

Initially, I thought it was simply a book club led by teachers for teachers, I imagined discussing and sharing amazing texts alongside ideas and examples of how they could be utilised in the classroom. Whilst the book groups do inevitably include lots of ‘book blether’, the key aim of the OU/UKLA Reading for Pleasure Project is to build a vibrant user-community of teachers and trainee teachers who can:

  • engage with the research and review their RfP practice;
  • access practical guidance materials to support RfP;
  • develop research-informed practice and upload examples of their work;
  • participate in on-line events and contribute to the development of reading for pleasure internationally.

Here you’ll find my CPD notes from Teachers’ Reading for Pleasure Book Groups, led by Professor Teresa Cremin, Professor of Education (Literacy), at The Open University in London.

As a result of this fantastic initiative, I will be leading a Teachers’ Reading for Pleasure (RfP) Book Group at Blackheath Bookshop throughout the 2018-19 academic year (for more information, take a peek at my TRG Reading for pleasure poster).


Click here to download the PDF version: CPD MINI REVIEW – Teachers as Readers Groups.

To find out more about Reading for Pleasure in school, check out the RfP OU Saturday Conferences here.

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