#19 Troll Thursday With Radio Blogging

As the week’s go on, we’re all beginning to crave that human interaction and RadioBlogging is a fantastic way for young writers to connect with an online writing community! Sharing your ideas with others can give children added incentive and purpose for writing as they know their writing will be shared with a wider audience.

RadioBlogging is a fantastic resource of daily radio shows with interactive activities to keep everyone busy and engaged, brought to you by four experienced literacy experts Pie Corbett, Deputy Mitchell, Ian Rockey and Russell Prue. Personally, I find it much easier to ‘listen along’ when I’m writing, rather than watching a video, as it allows you to doodle, make notes and scribble down ideas as you’re listening. It’s live, fun and interactive with new educational tasks each day for students whether they’re at home or in school.

Today’s show was particularly interesting as it was ‘Troll Thursday’ and featured lots of interactive tasks! It consisted of a range of writing activities and tasks including describing trolls, sharing troll facts, responding to poetry, writing a troll report and an extension task!


1) Log onto RadioBlogging.net

It’s on every weekday at 9.30am for about an hour or so – all you have to do is tune in and listen!

2) Join in with the writing tasks LIVE!

Follow the instructions on the radio show and add your comments to the padlets and complete the tasks, sharing your ideas and writing with others!

3) Return to RadioBlogging again and again

Of course, it’s more fun to join in with the live radio shows so you can see all of the comments and padlet updates ‘as they happen’ but, if you can’t tune in at 9.30am, don’t worry, as they post all of their radio shows afterwards so you can go back to them again and again!

You can CLICK HERE to visit and listen to any of their previous RadioBlogging Shows!

Interactive padlets alongside the radio show allow you to share ideas with other writers
Short writing tasks allow children to share ideas and ‘magpie’ ideas from others too!

Please note: children should gain parental consent to contribute to the online comments.

Huge thanks to the amazing team at RadioBlogging for producing these brilliant live shows.

Happy Writing!

Miss P x

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